Walter Duggan Parent Information 2020-21


Walter Duggan Parent Information 2020-2021

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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

We know the best place for your children is in a school setting. We have been working very hard to meet the new expectations to safely welcome the children back. We are excited to see them. There are many changes to the daily routines at our school. School life will definitely look and feel a bit different. Staff will help them learn how to do school COVID style. Please after reading this information, ask a friend if they have read this email. Thank you for helping us make children aware of these changes. We will all need to work together to make the return to school a smooth transition.


  • Buses will not likely be running on time the 1st few days due to cleaning and new loading procedures. When Buses arrive in the morning children are required to go their teachers waiting spot outside. We had rectangles painted and labelled with the grade level # and teacher’s initials ex: 1V for grade one Miss Vlemmas. Students are required to stand in their class spot until teachers are on duty at 8:05. At this time they will start to enter the school ONE class at a time.
  • Drop off and Walkers please arrive at 7:50 to 8:10 to maintain social distancing. There is no playing in am and they will be directed to their class rectangle to wait until they are brought into the school.
  • Parents are not able to stand with their students on the playground due to Health Protocol. We ask you bring your child to school closer to the time they are able to enter. Adults are not permitted to stand in groups. We want to model the expected behaviors for the students.
  • Please make a family plan to drop your children off before the instructional day begins. We want to have all students in class and ready to learn at 8:25.
  • Family members will sit together on the bus.
  • In the morning students will be required to wear a mask while standing in the class rectangle while they wait to enter the school.


  • Staff parking only along road coming into school yard and in front of cafeteria. Parents must drop children off and not park. If in exceptional circumstances you can park off to the side before the cafeteria but cars must be well off on grass as this is our bus loop. We have to keep traffic moving and have staff be able to park as they need to be on duty before children come inside.


  • We are loading buses at the end of the day by bus not by grade levels which will take longer. Please do not panic if the bus doesn’t drop off your child on time. This is going to take extra time.
  • Walkers, pick ups will be dismissed and then 2nd run bus students. This will be around 2:30-2:40
  • If your plans change during the day please call the school before 2:00pm if you want your child to not get on the bus as we need time to get this message to the teacher and student. We cannot guarantee last minute changes especially when buses are being dismissed individually this year.
  • Parents are not permitted into the building they must wait outside while maintaining social distancing.


  • Please write a note and send it with your child on the first day of school to tell us which bus your child is to travel home on. You can find out this information by calling the bus garage at 902-485-7995
  • There will be NO  bus passes this year. 


  • We expect the students to be in school for the entire day but if you need to pick up your child early please write a note in the child’s agenda so we are aware. Call the school when you arrive and we will have the child come out to meet you since guests are not permitted to enter.


  • You will have several things to fill out and return to the school. As we learned during Home learning we need current info on file like phone #s emails, emergency contacts, etc, Please complete and return as soon as possible.


  • Students are required to wear masks on the bus and to keep them on when they are in the hallways as social distancing is not possible.
  • Grade 4 to 12 students are required to wear them as well as their teachers unless they can maintain 2m or 6ft apart inside or outside the building
  • Each student will arrive home with 2 masks provided by the prov.
  • During small group instruction, all students(P to3) will need to wear a mask as they will be less than 2m or 6ft apart.
  • Parents can also write a note to the teacher if they want their child to wear a mask more often than stated in the prov plan,


  • Students are going to be expected to stay outside more than usual. We need them to dress for the weather. This means warm clothes, rain coat, rain boots etc. Also please send an extra set of clothes for the child to change into if they get wet or have an accident/slip or fall as we don’t want them sitting in wet clothes.


  • Students go outside and stay with their own class. The time for their break at recess will be in some cases at a different time. This is to allow for spacing out on playground and less traffic in the hallway.


  • Not business as usual, there will be a reduced menu. We are asking you to fill out the order form and have correct change. Menus will be sent home on the first day of school. We will also attach a copy of the menu to this email and put it on our website. There will be only 3 choices for snack and 3 for lunch. Ordering will be completed in the classroom and food will be delivered to their rooms to maintain social distancing. Plain milk and water will be the only drinks sold in the cafeteria.
  • Meals will be eaten in the classrooms. Microwaves will NOT be available
  • Please send forks and spoons from home.
  • Parents when you run out of order forms – write a note to the teacher to send more home


TUESDAY’S MENU OPTIONS- these are the only food items available on Tuesday. Menu will go home 1st day

Option 1-Chicken Finger        $4

Option 2-Garlic Finger           $4

Option 3-Chicken Finger Wrap   $2


Option 1-Sherbet Orange/Lime      $1

Option 2-Blueberry Muffin            $1

Option 3-Chips                               $2

Water                                          $1.50

Milk                                                .40



  • Individually wrapped items will be available in the child’s classroom should they want/need breakfast. This will be provided when they are in their classrooms.


  • A new agenda has been ordered for students, this year the cost will be covered by the school.


  • As much as possible teachers will travel to the students instead of students moving in the hallways. The exception is Physical Education classes which will be held outdoors as much as possible.


  • A COVID checklist will be on our school website please go over this list of questions each morning before coming to school.
  • If a child feels unwell or begins to show symptoms of COVID, a parent or guardian will be contacted for pick-up. It is very important to ensure that your contact info and other emergency contacts for your child are kept up to date.
  • You will need to have a family plan to pick up your child as soon as possible as when they are reported as not feeling well they will be taken into a room to wait for you to arrive. Both the adult and child are to be masked. Children who are not feeling well are not permitted to travel home on the bus.
  • Please do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well. In the past often it would be the practice to send them and see how they feel. This cannot be the case during this time
  • If your child exhibits COVID symptoms. Parents/guardians must contact 811 to receive advise for Public Health on what to do next and when/if your child can return to school.


  • There will be a limit of 3 students permitted in the washroom at one time to allow for social distancing.