Become a Host Family to an International Student!




NS International Student Program is looking for families in the CCRCE area to host international students. Students range from 8-18 years old and can stay anywhere from one month to one year.  Families receive a $725 monthly stipend for expenses.


Are you ready to open your heart and home to this fulfilling life-changing experience?


Fill out the host family form today to start your international student journey:

Inclement Weather Text Notifications

As you are probably aware, we have recently had some challenges with our Inclement Weather Text Notification. Based on the success of the text this morning, we believe we have much of the bugs worked out. However, we still have a significant number of folks (3,000) who not completed the two-step process. You may remember that in order for SchoolMessenger to send SMS text messages, they need to opt-in with School Messenger, not just through PowerSchool or our Inclement Weather registration.  


To help mitigate this, we are going to share a reminder for all that have signed up on CCRCE’s Inclement Weather webpage ( to confirm they have opted in with our service provider and run a test text out tomorrow midday. Below is the message I will post to CCRCE’s website and social media channels. I ask that you help get the message out and reshare on your channels as well.


Tuesday afternoon Message

As many are aware, we have had technical issues with our inclement weather text notifications list. As we work to fix this, we will be sending a TEST text message out tomorrow midday (Wednesday, February 9, 2022).  Before sending this test, we ask anyone who has already signed up to receive the inclement weather texts on our CCRCE website to also confirm their opt-in with our service provider. Please text Yes to the Canadian short code number 724665 to receive a confirmation you have registered for SchoolMessenger (our service provider).

On Wednesday, the Test Message will say: IWN: This is a test message for the CCRCE Inclement Weather Text Notification. Thank you.

If you do not receive the test text message on Wednesday after completing both steps of the two-step process (signed up on our website at: and opted in by texting yes to 724665), please email to help resolve the issue.


Student Walkers and Students Being Dropped Off


For our student walkers and students being dropped off to school in the morning, please arrive no earlier than 20 minutes before classes begin. Thank you for your understanding.



Student Monitors Wanted



Help Wanted" Sign - Vinyl, Adhesive-Backed S-23492V - Uline

Walter Duggan Consolidated School is in need of Student Monitors. If you are interested in working as a Student Monitor please contact the school and obtain an application package. A Criminal Records, and Child Abuse Registry check is required. Please call 902-396-2700 to obtain a package.

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